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Cash for Junk Cars in Oceanside, is a top junk car buyer in Oceanside. We specialize in making our customers journey to get cash for cars as simple as possible. In order to achieve this we have a simple three phase process that ends with you having cash in hand. Just how simple of a process you may be wondering. Well let’s explain.

Phase One
You give us a call. Call Cash for Junk Cars in Oceanside and you will be greeted by one of our well trained and friendly staff members. During the call, we are looking to get as much information about your car as possible. We want to know the make, the model, the year, the mileage and the condition. This call and the information we get from it leads us to phase two.

Phase Two
After we have all of the information needed from the call, we will use all that to calculate our offer price for your car. As we are dedicated to making our customers experience as pain for and as simple as possible, we offer a no obligation quote. This means we will have a phone call with you, get the information needed to calculate the offer price, give you the offer price and you can choose to deny. We will not hold you to accepting just because you wanted to inquire. We are in the business of buying cars for cash in Oceanside. We are NOT a car dealership. We only buy cars from private sellers, so there is no need on our end to make you accept so we have another car to sell on our lot. That’s not the way we at Cash for Junk Cars operate. If you choose to accept our offer price we move to phase three.

Phase Three

  • - Part One: After accepting the offer price, we will setup an appointment with one of our certified auto buyers to come and inspect your car. This is just to ensure the car is in the condition that was given during that initial phone call. We want to make sure we are providing the right offer price for your car. The best part about this is, we will come to you. You do not need to worry about driving or having your car towed to our office for an inspection. We really want to make this is pain free as possible for all of our customers. And as give cash for cars in any condition, we understand some of those cars may be running or not.
  • - Part Two: After the inspection we give you cash for your car! We will hand you cash and help you finish all of the paperwork necessary. We also will provide free junk car removal and towing services so you do not have to do anything else after the paperwork is complete.

That’s it. Our three phases to getting you cash for junk cars in Oceanside. Simple. Pain free. And no hassle or inconvenience to you at all.

If you are concerned we may not take your car because of the condition, DON'T BE! We pay cash for cars no matter its condition!

Running or not

At Cash for Junk Cars in Oceanside, we understand you may be looking to sell your damaged car and that car may no longer run. That's not a problem. As mentioned above, we are NOT a car dealership. We are not looking to buy cars that we hope to sell. We are ONLY interested in buying cars from private sellers. So if your car is no longer running that's ok. This is why we provide free car removal services at no additional expense to you.

Classic Cars
You may be wondering if we accept classic cars as well. The answer is, YES! We absolutely accept classic cars. We try our best to get a full scope of the car in order to create our offer price. As we do not only accept junk, old, or damaged cars, we do not have a set offer price that decreases depending on the severity of damage. Each offer price is independently created based off those five things (make, model, year, mileage, condition) mentioned above. Classic Cars may be worth more and our certified auto buyers will calculate accordingly.

Cash for Junk Cars in Oceanside is a local business. We are looking to service customers in the city looking to get cash for cars no matter the condition. Being local makes it a lot easier for us to come to you where your car is to do the inspection and handle all paperwork. While you don't have to drive to us at all, we don't have to drive very far to get to you and this is another reason we can offer additional support and services.