Selling A Junk Car Is Simple

Have a damaged, broke down, or completely junk vehicle? Has it been sitting in your garage for weeks, months even? Why not make some money off it and call Junk Car San Diego. At Junk Car San Diego we will come to you, personally remove your junk car, and pay you cash up front. Selling your junk car is as simple and hassle free as ever. We do all the work. There is no gimmicks, no rebates, just cash upfront when we pick up the vehicle.

At Cash For Junk Cars San Diego, we come to you. You call us, tell us your location, what vehicle your interested in selling and we come and tow it away. It's a completely simple, quick transaction. It does not matter if it is just damaged, or totally junked, we will come tow it at no cost to you. We buy junk cars in San Diego in any condition!

The company is open seven days a week so customers can receive service at a quick notice. This business also provides free appraisals for customers. It is also possible for customers to sell their cars on the same day and receive cash money for their sold junk car. In addition to these benefits, customers can receive free towing services if the car no longer runs that saves customers hundreds of dollars.

While we are there picking up your vehicle, you will receive cash that day. In this economy we all know how important it is to get paid when you need it. With us, there is no waiting in limbo.


You can be sure to count on your cash that day. Another great aspect of selling us your damaged, broke down, or completely junk vehicle is that we are environment friendly. We dispose of vehicles in a completely environmentally friendly manner. No emitting harmful gases into the environment. The way the environment is now, we know how important it is to dispose of vehicles in an environmentally friendly way.


Probably the best part when it comes to selling us your junk vehicle is that it is hassle free. We all know how busy life is these days. We do all the work and pay you. Doesn't get much better than that.

Next time you are looking at your broken down, junk vehicle think of Cash For Junk Cars San Diego. Remember, we come and we tow it away, we pay you upfront, we do not dispose of vehicles in a way that will damage the environment, and we are hassle free. There is no better option.