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Are you in need of selling your damaged car? Do you need cash for junk cars in Lakeside? Look no further, Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeside is can handle all of your cash for car needs.

Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeside offers private sellers cash for cars in the most basic and simple way. Outside of giving cash for cars in Lakeside we also offer free junk car removal and towing services for our customers who need it. All you have to do is give us a call, from there are are mere steps away from getting cash for your car.

Our way cannot get any more simple. Like stated above, you just need to give us a call. From there on of our reliable staff members will talk with you about your car. They are looking to get some basic information such as:

  • 1. Make
  • 2. Model
  • 3. Year
  • 4. Mileage
  • 5. Condition

Those five things will help us determine our offer price for your car. Do not worry if your car is running or not, or cannot pass a smog test. We accept all cars no matter the condition! If you have an older car or a damaged car, this may affect the price we offer but it will NOT stop us from making an offer. Trust us when we say we accept all cars, we truly mean it.

Now that may sound too good to be true, but guess what, it is! This is how we make getting cash for cars in Lakeside easy and pain free.

Step 1
As mentioned above, once you give us a call you will be greeted by one of our staff members based right in Lakeside (yes, we really do have an office right in the city). Our staff will collect the above basic information about your car to formulate your offer price. Once we provide an offer price you have two options, which leads us to step 2.

Step 2
You accept the offer. Now before we get into you accepting, please note that you can also deny the offer (we will get into that below). So after accepting the offer price we will setup an appointment for one of our certified auto buyers to come and meet you and your car for an inspection, which leads us to…

Step 3
The inspection is to confirm the car is in the state described on the phone so we can make sure our offer price is accurate. After the inspection our team member will give you cash and do all the necessary paperwork with you.

Step 4
Take the cash and watch your junk car ride off into the sunset!

Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeside aims to make your experience getting cash for cars straightforward. In an effort to inform you as much as possible and ensure transparency in our process, below are answers to a few lingering questions that may still be on your mind.

“I don’t have a junk car, I have a classic car. Will you still give me cash for my car?”
YES! When we say we take cars in any condition, that doesn’t just mean junk cars or damaged cars. We absolutely buy classic cars and take that equally into note when we formulate our offer price.

“What if I don’t agree with the offer price?”
If you do not agree with our offer price that is completely ok. Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeside has a NO OBLIGATION offer policy. While speaking with one of our staff members, you can inform them that you would prefer to deny the offer given and that will be that. Our staff will not under any circumstances try to force you into accepting our offer price. (See, told you we would get into that below).

“So you aren’t going to sell my car for more money than you offered me...are you?”
NO! Cash for Junk Cars in Lakeside is a top trusted junk car buyer in Lakeside. We are only looking to buy! So if you are interested in selling your damaged car, running or not, we will give you cash for it.

“Is free junk car removal really an option?”
It is! Because we are only looking to give cash for junk cars in Lakeside, no matter the condition, we understand one of those conditions could mean it no longer runs. This is why we provide free car removal and free towing services. We want to get that car off of your hands with as little inconvenience to you. You will not need to call multiple places to get the car removed and sent to us, we will deal with that directly.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, give us a call! It will not hurt any and at the end of it you can walk away with cash in hand and one less thing on your plate.