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In Escondido there are plenty of places you could reach out to in hopes of getting cash for cars, but none will be as easy as Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido.

Our office, which is local, right in the city of Escondido is filled with helpful and trained staff waiting to help you sell your damaged cars, old cars or classic cars. All you need to do is give us a call today!

Here at Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido, we pride ourself on having a clear and simple process to getting our customers cash for cars. All we ask, is you start by giving us a call!

Making the call to Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido
The phone call is what starts the process of getting you cash for cars. Our trained staff will talk with you about a few things, like:

  • - Condition of your car. This helps us determine a few things which will be discussed further below
  • - Model of your car
  • - Make of your car
  • - Mileage currently on the car
  • - And Year the car was manufactured

Once we have this information from our staff will configure the most important part, the reason why you are calling...the OFFER PRICE.

Receiving the offer price
Once we have that necessary information our staff will use that to formulate an offer price that they will give to you. The offer price will be paid in cash upon completion of an inspection, which our staff will coordinate with you. Now if you do not agree with the offer price given, that's OK. We provide offer prices without an expectation of acceptance. You can choose to deny and it is no harm no foul. We want our customers to feel comfortable in knowing that there will be absolutely no pressure put on you to accept. If you do choose to accept, we will work with setting up and appointment to meet you and your car.

The inspection appointment
Once you have accepted the offer we will then schedule an appointment to have one of our certified auto buyers come out and meet you to inspect your car. This is to ensure the car is in the condition given via the initial phone call. Please rest assured when we say we accept all cars, we truly accept all cars. Running or not, damaged or just plain old, the more information we have on the current condition of the car initially the more accurate an offer price we can give you. We will take any car in any condition! Once the inspection is complete you get…

After the inspection our staff will give you cash for your car and work through all of the necessary paperwork with you. And that's it. You now have cash for your car. Our process is very simple and we have designed it this way to make it easy for our customers. Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido is a top junk car buyer in Escondido and we truly take pride in offering additional services to accommodate all of our customers needs.

Junk car removal
We take cars in any condition, this includes cars no longer able to run. This is why we offer free junk car removal and free towing services. We want you to call us NO MATTER the condition of your car and we understand trying to coordinate or pay for a towing service may not be convenient for you, so we handle that for you. We will schedule and pay for the service at no additional cost to you.

Classic Cars
Like stated above, we take cars in any condition, not just junk cars. If you have a classic car that you want to get off of your hands, call us. We know that some are worth more and we will calculate our offer price understanding your car is a classic. And due to our NO OBLIGATION quote policy, there is no harm in calling to find out what our offer price for your classic car may be.

Smog Test
Your car DOES NOT have to pass a smog test in order to be purchased by Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido. Again, we understand that some cars simply won’t pass and that’s ok. We will take it off of your hands anyway and give you cash for it all the same.

Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff are all trained and equipped with the skills to know what to look for and help you out as much as possible. Our goal is to make this process as simple for you as we possibly can. In order to do this, our staff need to be equipped with certain skills that make your journey easy.

So give us a call at Cash for Junk Cars in Escondido today!