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Have you been searching for a trusted junk car buyer in Encinitas? Well your search can end now, call Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas and let us help you get cash for cars today!

Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas focuses on working with customers:

  • - Looking to sell your damaged cars
  • - In need of junk car removal services
  • - Worried that their car won't be accepted due to its current condition
  • - Own a car that can no longer drive and are looking to sell

We take cars in ANY CONDITION. If your car is running or not, we will make the necessary arrangements to get you cash for cars in Encinitas. Our system is clear and easy for all of our customers, you just have to make the first step by calling Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas today.

Once you call us.. .
Calling is the first step to get you cash for junk cars in Encinitas. You will speak with one of our trained staff members who will explain to you our simple process. They will calculate an offer for your car based off of the phone call and information provided.

The offer price
Once you have called Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas, our staff will ask you a few questions to get the make, the model, the mileage, the condition and the year of the car. Our employees take all of these things into account so do not spare any details when discussing your car. We want to make sure we are giving you the most accurate price for your car! Running or not, we will accept any car and give you an offer price no matter the condition! This rings true for classic cars that may be worth more money, we take all of that into account when calculating our offer price.

Accepting the offer
If you accept the offer price given, you are halfway finished with our process! We will set up an appointment with you and your car for one of our certified auto buyers to come out and inspect your car. The inspection is to ensure the quality of the car is in the condition that you originally gave, so again give us as much detail as possible! Once the inspection is over, our staff will give you cash for your car!

Selling your damaged car and getting cash for junk cars in Encinitas has never been so easy. Those three steps are truly all it takes to get cash for your junk car today.

Please know that we value our customers and look to make the experience as easy for them as possible. So in order for us to stay true to our work we offer free junk car removal, no obligation quote, locality and a “come to you” style approach! Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas will work with you and take your car no matter the condition!

No more driving around the city hoping that you can find a lot to take your car.

No more worrying about how you will pay to get your car to its intended destination after selling.

No more craigslist ads.

No more denials because your car is badly damaged, no longer running or will not pass a smog test.

Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas additionally supports:

Free Junk Car Removal
Our staff will arrange to have your car removed as a free service to you if it is no longer running. All you need to do is tell our staff during that initial phone call and after the inspection, after you have cash for your car and after filling out the paperwork, we will remove your car for you!

No Obligation Quote
We understand customers may not always agree with our offer price. We are looking to make this experience as easy as possible for our customers, therefore once we have calculated our offer price you are free to deny and continue your search elsewhere. It harms us none if you choose to deny. You will not be pressured or forced into accepting the price we offer.

As our name implies, Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas is located right in the city of Encinitas. Even though you never need to visit our office, we are in the city which makes it easier for us to meet you wherever your car is located.

Come to You
You never need to visit us. Once you make that initial phone call, our staff come to YOU! We also provide car removal services so you don't have to worry about driving or getting the car to us.

Cash for Junk Cars in Encinitas is the easiest and most convenient way to sell your damaged car, classic car, old car or junk car. Call us and let us help you today!