Cash for Junk Cars San Diego

Do You have A Junk Car For Sale? Well We Want To Buy It!

Junk cars can be a burden on many drivers that need a vehicle to get to work, school, or other destinations that are important in their lives. Many individuals have a very hard time getting rid of their junk cars because there are not a lot of people who want to pay thousands of dollars for a car that was in an accident or has a faulty engine. Luckily, there is a business called cash for junk cars San Diego that provides customers with an easy system that accommodates their needs and makes getting rid of junk cars a simple task.

How Do I Sell My Junk Car To Your Company?

Our company is open seven days a week so customers can receive cash for cars in San Diego at a quick notice. This business also provides free appraisals for customers. It is also possible for customers to sell their cars on the same day and receive cash money for their sold junk car. In addition to these benefits, customers can receive free towing services if the car no longer runs that saves customers hundreds of dollars.

There are several different types of junk cars that this company buys from their customers. Cars that have been in automobile accidents or have major mechanical problems can be sold to the company without any worries from the buyer. Every car is beneficial to this company and can be recycled or sold to other drivers at a low cost to them.

Why Should I Sell My Car To Your San Diego Based Company?

Our company has dedicated its business to being environmentally friendly and recycles cars that can no longer be driven. Our service goes the extra mile to make sure that every part that can be salvaged will be saved for use in other cars or made into recycled metal that will be made into a new car.

For drivers who want to get rid of their junk cars for cash, this company is the preferred choice. Their commitment to giving customers the most for their junk cars and making strides to staying environmentally friendly shows they are a business that has the goal of benefitting the customer and community they work in.

What type of cars do you buy?

Here’s a list of some of the types of cars we frequently pay cash for:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Damaged Cars
  • Non-running cars
  • Salvaged Cars and salvage cars
  • We Pay cash for clunkers too

Do you provide junk car removal in San Diego, California?

Yes, our car buying service removes junk cars through San Diego. We send out our tow truck free of charge pickup your car and pay you cash on the spot. It’s simple. We never charge any hidden fees for the towing.

Does my car have to pass smog in California to sell you the car?

When you sell a car through a private party transaction it will need to pass the vehicle emissions test in California. Fortunately, you can still sell us your clunker as we are a licensed business. We also handle all of the DMV paperwork with you.

Do I need the title of my car to sell it?

We buy cars without titles. The only caveat is you’ll have to have the car registered in your name. The car must also be registered in the state of California.

Will your company buy other vehicles besides cars?

Yes, we pay cash for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVS as well. Give us a call with whatever vehicle you have and in almost all cases we can purchase it from you.

How much is my junk car worth exactly?

We’re glad you asked. However, the answer is it depends. If we are purchasing your car for scrap metal pricing, then it’ll most likely be worth a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if we believe we can fix your car then we may be able to pay you much for It think in the range of $500 cash for your junk car to thousands.

How long have your junk car buyers been paying cash for cars for?

We’ve been offering our junk car removal services to pick up your car in San Diego for decades. We are one of the largest used car buyers across San Diego county. Our service is streamlined and professional. We always make sure to send a professional car buyer out to your location who will leave you satisfied with our service.

We buy junk cars in San Diego