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Tired of endless and uninformative calls and visits to multiple junk lots and car dealerships hoping you can get cash for cars in La Mesa? You can end your search now by calling Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa. With just one call you can receive cash for cars!

At Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa we offer a simple way for you to get cash for cars in any condition. All you have to do is:

  • - Give us a call
  • - Tell us about your car
  • - We make you an offer
  • - If you accept, we set up an appt to inspect your car
  • - We take the car, you take the cash

Thats it!

Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa makes it very easy to get cash for cars! So let’s break down our process to show you just how easy it is.

The Phone Call
Once you give us a call you will speak to one of our experienced staff members. They will ask a few questions in order to get as much information about your car as possible. After gathering all the necessary information we make you an offer.

The Offer
While discussing your car, we are looking to get the make, model, year, mileage and condition of your car. This will allow us to accurately calculate an offer price for your car. Damaged, running or not, older and or classic cars. It doesn’t matter, we accept all cars! Even cars that have not passed a smog test.

The factors listed above, specifically the current condition of the car will weigh in on our offer price, but will not stop us from making an offer! Classic Cars may be worth more and this will absolutely be taken into account when formulating the offer price as well. After we give you the offer price you can either:

  • - Deny the Offer
    No harm, no foul. Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa has a No Obligation Quote offer policy. We will not be upset if you choose to deny our offer. You are free to do so and continue your journey. Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa will not pressure or force you into accepting the offer.
  • - Accept the Offer
    If you accept the offer Cash for Junk Cars gives, we will make an appointment for one of our staff to meet you and your car for an inspection!


One of our certified auto buyers will meet you wherever your car is located. They will do an inspection to make sure your car is in the given condition provided from your initial phone call. They will then give you CASH and will do all of the paperwork with you.

Removal of car
If the car is not drivable, that’s OK! Cash for junk Cars offers free junk car removal and also free car towing. We will handle removing the car for you with no additional cost.

So there it is. That’s it!

Selling your damaged car, and getting cash for junk cars in La Mesa has never been so easy. Now that you have an understanding of who we are and what we do, let’s address a few more questions and concerns you may have

We are a trusted junk car buyer in La Mesa and we do our best to help our customers out as much as we can. Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa buys from private individual sellers only. We are not a car dealership and we do not sell the cars after we purchase them. This is why we will give cash for cars in any condition. We aren’t interested in selling.

Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa is a local business. Our office is located right in the city and our trusted staff are onsite. Since we are local, it is much easier for one of our trusted staff members to meet you and your car where it is located in the city.

Car removal services
As mentioned above, Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa is only interested in giving cash for cars no matter the condition. We are true to this! That is why we will provide junk car removal services and free towing! We understand cars die, break down, sit for years and no longer run. We are not interested in selling, so the condition does not scare us away! We will work with you to remove your car from its location if it is no longer driveable.

So call Cash for Junk Cars in La Mesa today and let us show you first hand just how simple it is to get cash for your car. You will never want to visit another junk car lot again!