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Looking to sell your damaged car, your junk car or your old car? Well look no further and call Cash for Junk Cars now.

We are a trusted junk car buyer in Chula Vista and cash for cars business located in the city of Chula Vista. We offer free towing and junk car removal to make selling your car even easier.

What we need from you:

  • - We need you to first: GIVE US A CALL! Call Cash for Junk Cars in Chula Vista to start the process of getting cash for your car.
  • - Once you have done that, you will be greeted by one of our extremely knowledgeable staff members. During this call we will need you to give us as much information as possible about your used, damaged, junk or classic car.
  • - Once we have all of the information about your car, we will make you an offer (details on how we do that below!)!
  • - If you accept our offer price one of our certified auto buyers will come to you. They will then inspect the car, give you cash and assist with all paperwork needed to complete the transaction!

Very Simple!

At Cash for Junk Cars in Chula Vista, our goal is to get your car off of your hands with as little hassle on you as possible. To do this we provide clear communication and experienced staff that will work with you through the entire process. We even offer junk car removal services, but before we get into that, let’s get into the way Cash for Junk Cars in Chula Vista calculates the offer.

How we determine our offer price:
We configure our offer price based off of a few but key details you provide during the initial phone call to our Cash for Junk Cars in Chula Vista staff. We are looking for:

  • 1. MAKE
  • 2. MODEL
  • 3. YEAR
  • 4. MILEAGE

All of the factors listed above are standard for selling all used, damaged, junk or classic cars. So there is no secret or surprise in our formula. We accept all cars! Condition is definitely a factor that we take seriously, so if the car is damaged or just not running, this will play into the offer price. However, the condition wont stop us from making an offer! We even accept cars that do not pass a smog test!

Now that you are thinking of calling us to get cash for cars in Chula Vista, you may have a few questions. Below are a few FAQ’s.


“How do I get my damaged or no longer running car to the Cash for Junk Cars in Chula Vista lot?” When our staff come out to inspect the car they come to you! You do not need to worry about driving to our office. After the offer has been accepted, we provide free junk car removal and free towing! Again, you do not need to worry about coming to us, we come to you and your car directly!

“Will I be forced to accept the offer price once it is given?”
NO! cash for clunkers in Chula Vista is committed to fair and convenient service. We provide a NO obligation quote. Meaning after we calculate our offer price based off of the factors listed above, you can choose to decline the offer without penalty. You are free to continue your search! We will not force or pressure you to agree to our offer price AT ALL!

“Just exactly where are you located?’
Cash for Junk Cars is a trusted and local business specializing in cash for cars in Chula Vista. So if you are looking to sell your car, whether it is running or not, we will be able to come to you at no additional “travel cost”.

“How many appointments will it take before I get cash for my car?”
It only takes a few steps in order to get cash for cars. You will not need to spend days and weeks calling and visiting multiple junk lots hoping someone will take your car. Once you call us and speak with one of our staff members, we schedule an appointment to come and meet you where your car is located. Once our staff inspect the car you recieve cash that day. There are not multiple appointments and multiple staff members that need to inspect the car. One call. One appointment and you get cash for your car that day.

“Are you going to turn around and sell my car for more money?”
NO! Cash for Junk Cars works with private sellers (you) to purchase their old, damaged, junk or classic cars and that’s it. WE DO NOT SELL CARS. We are only interested in giving you cash for cars in Chula Vista. Not to pull one over on you or jip you out of your cars worth!